ZPOW MARKO Komorowscy
Spółka Jawna

Nasiegniewo 15
87-811 Fabianki
NIP: 8883138177

Tel. +48 54 255 00 88
Fax +48 54 255 05 02
Email: marko@markofood.pl

About us

Zpow Marko Komorowscy Spółka Jawna is a family company established
in 1994, continuing the tradition of Komar Processing Plant in Nasiegniew.

The company initially concentrated its efforts on producing fruit and vegetable preserves, including canned cucumbers, pickled peppers and kompots. Later, the offer was extended to include vegetable salads, sour rye soup and kompot concentrates.

By purchasing MARKOfood products you can be sure you are getting goods of the highest quality. We purchase raw material used to produce fruit and vegetable reserves from local agricultural producers. We also have our own farmlands to ensure continuity of production.

The HACCP quality control system implemented in the plant, soon followed by introduction of ISO 22000, guarantees health safety of the products purchased by our customers.

Thanks to many years of experience, MARKO has been continuously developing and improving by expanding and modernizing its technical and technological facilities. Modern solutions that we employ and high quality of production is the source of great trust enjoyed both domestically and abroad, including countries like Australia, Canada, USA or Mongolia.